Mgsv traitors caravan truck location

This guide shows you the strategies, collectibles, and locations you need to know to beat every main story mission. To find Kazuhira, you'll need to gather some intel first. Gallop to Da Wialo Village and infiltrate the main building. The second floor of the main building contains the Intel file needed to pinpoint Miller's location.

Before heading to the village Ocelot pointed out, you will want to stop at the small outpost on the road. It is marked on the iDroid as point The reason for stopping here are the easy to grab collectibles. There are Diamonds and some Common Metal in a building near the south end of the outpost. There are also some Diamonds under a table to the left of the road, as seen below.

When it comes to dealing with the guards, a kick shot with the Tranq Gun will deal with them. Before leaving the outpost, you can also snag some more Common Metal from a house on the right, heading North out of the outpost. Before getting into the town, check out the open house on the right side of the road as there are some Diamonds in here.

You can also pick up some Minor Metal by heading along the outside of the town. The pictures below show the house containing the 50 Minor Metal pickup.

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Just past this Minor Metal, you can pick up a Golden Crescent. The item collecting isn't over yet. Along the road, heading North out of town is another building you can enter, seen below. Inside you can snag some more Minor Metal and some Biological Material.

Just outside this building, and to the South across the river is some a Wormwood plant you can harvest to get an early start on collecting that! Don't go too far yet! Under bridge that leads North out of the village there are some large Diamonds.

Crawl under the bridge to find them. And just across the road there are some more Minor Metal pick ups.

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Make sure to deal with the guy who is manning the LMG Emplacement, and use caution during the day as a patrolling guard comes very near to this house. Make sure to check every room as well, since each one is separate. In total, you should find 4 Minor Metal pickups. A few buildings south of those Minor Metal pickups, is a building containing some Diamondswhich can be seen below! But wait, there's more!

A bit further south there is another building to enter, this one with some Biological Material and more Diamonds! Our hunt for items in this town is not over yet, as in the middle there is a small building containing some Common Metal and Biological Material. Finally we are wrapping up in this town. The last major items to pick up before proceeding lay in the building across from the main objective. You can find several pickups, 2 for Common Metal and one for some Minor Metal.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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MGS V PHANTOM PAIN - Mission 16, Traitor's Caravan, Extract the truck

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Traitors Caravan... How to beat the skulls?

Global Leaderboards. Dast'ro View Profile View Posts. Like in topic: i'm fallowing that truck, it stops at 2 points. First is the guard post near airfield here is first converstation another in Kiziba Camp and he got 2nd conversation, next stop is at the river where mission ends with fail no conversation over there, instant mission fail when he is there. I'm doing something wrong or it's buged? Last edited by Dast'ro ; 6 Sep, pm.

Showing 1 - 15 of 28 comments. I'm following that truck driver from the start and i don't see him speaking with anybody there, need to know if i need to reinstall my game Last edited by Dast'ro ; 6 Sep, am. If you are really smart you will bring either an rpg or c4 to stack damage. Shoji View Profile View Posts. I've been trying to complete this side mission as well but not going so well. First conversation is at the airport once the APC arrive 2. Second conversation is at Kisiba camp south guard post 12 3.

Third conversation is at Kiziba Camp Problem is any of these conversations can bug out on you. I have had all three of them not work i can conform the first and second conversation as i have heard them.

mgsv traitors caravan truck location

Make sure you don't get on alert status as this will stop the conversations [Edit] Took your advice about m range on third conversation and finally worked. This side mission was a real pain. Last edited by Shoji ; 10 Sep, pm. Beat the mission in 3min: - Straight to the airport after deploy truck will be standing there, no tanks - Ignore guards, rush to it - Skulls spawn, ignore them. Just fulton the truck.One of the best ways to earn an S Rank for most of the missions is to earn the time bonus, as this can help you earn thepoints necessary for an S Rank score.

Since our guide will explain how to finish this mission quickly, we will be skipping most of the contents of the mission in order to earn the time bonus. If this is your first playthrough of this mission, you may want to follow the in game instructions and complete the optional objectives first.

However, if your goal is to earn the S Rank, then prepare to follow along. Note that you will also need to have an upgraded Fulton Recovery Device in order to extract the truck for this mission. Instead, hop on your D-Horse and head south, straight to the airport containing the objective.

Make your way around the back side of the Nova Braga Airport, where you can hop over a small gap in the barbed wire fence. Carefully follow along the wall to your left, and you should spot the transport truck around the corner, triggering a cutscene as you get closer. Continue to ignore the Skulls even if it activates Reflex mode.

Now, just make a mad dash for the exit by running southeast down the runway. Call in your D-Horse as you sprint out of the hot zone. When he appears beside you, hop on and gallop away as quickly as you can.

The Skulls will continue to chase you as you exit into the fields outside of the airport. Shoot them if they run ahead of you, and make some sharp pivot turns if they try to cut you off. Continue to make quick, winding maneuvers on your horse to keep the Skulls off of you.

Once you fully exfiltrate the hot zone, the mission concludes. From here you can call in an extraction helicopter and head back to Mother Base to unwind. If you followed our instructions, then you should finish this mission in under five minutes, earning you a high enough time bonus to achieve the S Rank.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 - Traitor's Caravan: Escort vehicle, Nova Braga Airport, escaping the Skulls

How to beat the skulls? User Info: Jx User Info: YoungAdultLink. D-Walker and his minigun are real helpful. Otherwise get them to step on some C4.

They don't count as kills, if you're going for pure stealth. One day, when I am too old for adventuring, I will settle down and open up a little armor shop called, "Victorious Secret. User Info: necrondude. What I did was you let them drive for a bit. After they leave the airport and go down the road they'll stop at the first base along their route. The one with the boardwalk over the swamp where you have to do that mission to save the Viscount.

Trigger the Skull battle there and then get into the anti-air mini gun platform they have, it shreds them like tissue paper. Just be careful not to hit the truck and it should be easy. User Info: gilv3r. Just s ranked this mission after a lot of frustration and eventually resorting to using rockets. User Info: Jadex9. Ok, heres how I did it and got an S Rank. Dont stop anywhere, restart mission if you have too, but haul ass to air port, pick the two locks, get near the truck, itl trigger their " reveal " as soon as revealed, go to the airport entrance, fire loud to get a distraction, now RUN to the truck, fulton it, then run right back to other side, there are two containers, jump on a container and fulton your way out.

I used an LMG.

Traitors' Caravan Walkthrough | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Was very easy. Around fifty rounds to bust their armor, then to take out their health. For each one, that is. My flashlight brings all the Geth to the yard.Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Traitor's Caravanthe 16th main story mission of the game, following on from Footprints of the Phantoms. With the enemy's Walker supply now depleted, it's time to focus on your next mission. Your task this time around is to locate and extract a transport truck carrying a mysterious cargo. You'll find this objective much easier if you've upgraded your Fulton Device to Cargo Level 2 - check out the opening paragraphs of our Episode 15 guide for more information on this.

Once you're ready to begin the operation, select Traitor's Caravan from your mission list and pick the only available Landing Zone. Next, adjust your load-out as required, choose D-Horse as your buddy and set the drop time to Finally, commence the mission! As your chopper touches down, you'll be informed that your main target - the transport truck - is yet to be found in the area. On the plus side, your intel team has located the enemy units tasked with escorting the truck to its rendezvous point.

As luck would have it, the escort vehicles are currently stationed at a nearby observation post. Your first task, then, is to reach the observation post and locate the vehicles before they begin the journey toward your main target.

Move south-east, using the yellow objective marker as a guide. When you reach the huge rock plateau, drop down to a crouch and proceed cautiously. Continue on to the guard post and objective marker a little way ahead. Once you reach the guard post, you'll be informed that the escort vehicles are no longer in the area. You'll need to find some intel if you hope to complete your mission.

As it happens, the intel can be found nearby to the east, stashed in the small green tent directly below the camp's watchtower. Cautiously approach the tent and deal with any hostiles that stray too close to your position. When the area is clear, enter the tent and scan the intel on the table. Once you have the intel, the escort vehicles' predicted route will be added to your map.

mgsv traitors caravan truck location

Open your iDroid and place a marker at the route's start, just outside the guard post to the south. Next, mount your horse and begin galloping toward your freshly-laid marker. As you near the southern guard post, two tanks the escort vehicles that you seek will depart in a cloud of dust, heading south along the main road. Quickly activate your binoculars, zoom in on their position and scan them before they disappear from view.This guide shows you the strategies, Collectiblesand locations you need to know to beat every MGS 5 main story mission.

Infiltrate this outpost for intel to learn where the convoy is heading. Once you start your pursuit, be wary. Remember that the truck cannot be destroyed if the mission is to be successful. This is a great place to engage the convoy.

The Transport truck is located at Nova Braga Airport on the northwestern section. Once that's done, have Quiet scout the airport, then wait around for the convoy escort to stop near the truck. You can try to stop the truck before or after the airport, immobilizing the driver.

However, no matter where you attack, the Skulls will show up as soon as you approach the truck -- even stealthily. You can flee the Skulls, but if you're feeling feisty, stand and fight. The worst thing about the skulls is that they bring with them a Mist that prevents Fulton use, so you can't get to the truck without them attacking.

The easiest way to kill them is to hop in the armored vehicles that were with the convoy. The best place to do this is at the airport where the convoy stops for a long time. Here you can sneak through the west side wall via a gate you must unlock. Sneak north towards the convoy truck and initiate the cutscene by getting close to it. When the Skulls appear, all NPC's in vehicles disappear, allowing you to take control and blast the skulls into the ground using the L1 and L2 buttons.

Now that you've killed the skulls, you can Fulton the truck and the Zero Risk guards.

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Once that's done, exfiltrate by chopper or by leaving the Hot Zone. Until you've developed a powerful Brennan Sniper Rifle, you should avoid fighting the Skulls for the moment. It'll take about point blank shots to kill them. Alternatively, you can use sleep grenades. The Skulls have a lot of stamina so you may burn through a bunch of sleep grenades before they drop.

mgsv traitors caravan truck location

If you aren't going for the conversations objective, then there are THREE opportunities to nab the driver:. The list below will detail where each one will take place.

The driver will be standing behind the truck talking to another soldier. Position yourself up the hill and listen in on the short convo. There is a small shed that has a trashcan that you can climb over and listen to the convo from the roof. The objective is complete after the soldier receives a radio call from CP.This guide shows you the strategies, Collectiblesand locations you need to know to beat every MGS 5 main story mission.

This mission demands a more linear approach than most others in MGS 5. It's possible to create an unwinnable situation requiring a restart. Follow at a distance with your horse. When you reach the second village, Munoko ya Nioka Station, give it a wide berth on the far right side. Follow up the right edge of the road, but not when the jeep turns on a sharp curve behind this hill. Instead, take position carefully above this point on the southern ridge. The Major and his contact will meet just below you.

Once you've ID'd both, tranq sleep grenades work nicely as they're all bunched up together or kill the escort and capture both of these men. They're useful soldiers. Fulton them out. The Major's subordinate can be found at guard post 15 just near the western deployment area. He'll exit one of the CFA tents and get into the nearby jeep. Once the Major and his subordinate finish the conversation, blast them all with a Stun Arm blast or Sleep Grenades and then extract them both.

The prisoner can be found at guard post 16 on the map. Bring DD along with you to sniff out his location. If you decide to tail the subordinate, he will also stop by in front of the prisoner's shed for a smoke break. The Major and his boys are relaxing in a forest area just south of guard post Make your way on top of the hill across from the Major and listen in on the convo with his subordinate to nab the objective. After the mission, Miller will request for Snake to return to Mother Base.

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Traitor's Caravan (Conversation Glitch?)

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